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Client Description
Osan City is located south of Dongtan-myon, south of Taean-up, and east of Chongnam-myon respectively. Pyongtaek City is also located nearby, south of Osan. The city combines urban communities, agricultural fields and industrial sites. The city is poised to  function as the center of power, distribution, transportation, and information in the southern capital area, as well as the  Shihwa Industial Site, Daebu Tour District. The West Sea land reclamation project, and the development of Pyongtaek harbor are scheduled to be completed in the new millennium.



Business Challenge:
Because data availability is a critical  issue for most companies, IT managers often look to minimize the ¡°Recovery Time Objective¡±, which is the maximum tolerable time that a system or application can be down in the event of a system failure/disaster. With particular reference to OSAN CITY, they need to ensure that their multi-terabyte Oracle and MY SQL databases are backed up without shutting down or interrupting online transactions.


Their primary backup software, Legato Networker, failed to satisfy their data storage requirements, and proved to be prohibitively costly to implement. Given the rapid growth of their business, much deliberation was needed before choosing an alternative backup software.



VIRBAK Solution:
VIRBAK ABIO is a seamless data protection solution, that offers unparalleled levels of backup and recovery performance. Approximately six months after OSAN CITY introduced VIRBAK ABIO, backup performance was improved three fold. This was no simple task, as OSAN CITY houses more than 15 UNIX servers, and approximately 30 million files that are subject to backup operations.


For these reasons, IT administrators volunteered to completely abandon the Legato Networker platform, and use ABIO as their primary backup solution.









Business Benefits:
ABIO¡¯s GUI(Graphical User Interface) is intuitively designed to provide IT administrators with  an effective and efficient toolset to meet their daily backup challenges. By offering a comprehensive, performance oriented solution, ABIO has met the multi terabyte needs of OSAN CITY. All backup operations, including managing tape media, sending tapes off site etc. are completed within the acceptable target backup window. Since the introduction of VIRBAK ABIO in September of 2004, there have been zero software related failures preventing a backup or recovery.


OSAN CITY IT administrators agree that ABIO ¡°IS a robust and effective data protection solution, which is affordable and easy to use.  I strongly recommend it (ABIO) for any organization looking for a superlative backup product.