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Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. LTD.



Client Description

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), founded by the late honorary chairman Chung Ju-yung in 1972, is highly regarded as a world wide leader in the ship building market. With more than 10 million deadweight tons in aggregate ship production, and continued dominance in the ship building industry, Hyundai Shipyard expanded into other heavy industry areas, leading to the formation of Hyundai Heavy Industries, an integrated heavy industry company.



Business Challenge:
Hyundai Heavy Industries often employs multiple CAD (Computer-Aided Design) systems when drawing the schematics for many of its manufactured products. As a result,  innumerable number of images and design models are stored on local machines - data that is integral to the functionality of the company. IT administrator's faced the daunting task of backing up this data, which posed numerous logistic problems both in terms of cost and time.


Prior to the introduction of VIRBAK ABIO, the previous backup solution proved to be prohibitively complicated, as it was difficult to merge backup logs or produce a refined report. IT administrators were forced to waste valuable time reconciling these reports,  resulting in countless hours of wasted time and resources.



VIRBAK Solution:
VIRBAK ABIO is specifically designed to enhance backup performance, particularly in the event that there are a large number of files being stored on a local file system. On the first day of ABIO's implementation, preliminary tests showed that backup performance increased by 300% relative to Hyudai's previous backup solution. In the year that followed, IT administrators expressed their enthusiasm for ABIO, citing a vastly reduced backup window.


Using VIRBAK ABIO, sophisticated reporting tools, it has now become far easier to manage backup and event logs in constructing backup reports. No longer do users have to wade through lines of irrelevant report data, as ABIO identifies and highlites all of the necessary information required.

In addition to ABIO's reporting tools, ABIO also offers users Oracle Agent, which enables businesses to perform online "hot" Oracle backups. This feature eliminates the need to shut down the Oracle database when performing a backup operation, ensuring uninterrupted service and reliability.








Business Benefits:
Using VIRBAK ABIO, IT teams can now carry out projects and daily backup operations with minimal effort. Improved backup performance has lead to greater efficiency, both in terms of time and resource use. The switch to VIRBAK ABIO has proved to be seamless, as the intuitive nature of the program has minimized the "learning curve" associated with implementing new software.


ABIO's Oracle Agent has also proved to be a resounding success, as it has enabled users to  provide uninterrupted service while being industry leading backup support and reliability.