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Chonbuk National University



Client Description

Chonbuk National University is the first national University based in the province of Chungcheong, with a rich tradition spanning over 60 years. It is currently ranked as the 437th University in the world, and is highly recognized in the field of Educational Research. Since its inception in 1947, the University has grown into one of the major national universities, taking great strides in the fields of arts, humanities, social and natural sciences.



Business Challenge:
Because data availability is a critical  issue for most companies, IT managers often look to minimize the ¡°Recovery Time Objective¡±, which is the maximum tolerable time that a system or application can be down in the event of a system failure/disaster.. Every second counts, as prolonged durations of down time can prove costly. As a result, Chonbuk National University chose to implement a multi tier disk backup solution (where the disk backup was 1st tier and the tape library was the 2nd tier). This was done in order to greatly enhance recovery performance , while eliminating mechanical errors which are normally attributed to the tape library.


However, often times, backup data exceeds the amount of space available on a disk, necessitating the use of a migration policy which will automatically mount new media to store the data overflow.  Unfortunately, not all backup applications provide automated migration capabilities (either from disk to tape, or tape to disk), which posed a unique challenge to the people at Chonbuk university.



VIRBAK Solution:
VIRBAK ABIO¡¯s automatic disk to tape, or tape to tape migration capability provides many versatile options that users can benefit from.  Chonbook National University chose VIRBAK ABIO as its primary backup application, looking to take advantage of ABIO's robust features in protecting their Oracle and MS SQL databases. Using ABIO, IT staff can articulate retention periods that best suit their needs, defining when, where and how migration operations should take place. ABIO provides numerous preventative measures to keep backups from failing, ensuring that user data is always secure and available.


In addition to ABIO's aforementioned automated migration policy,  ABIO also seamlessly offered protection of Chonbuk's mission critical  Oracle and MS SQL databases. Using ABIO's Oracle and MS SQL Agent, users can perform a ¡°hot¡± backup, allowing backup operations to be performed without shutting down the database.










Business Benefits:
By implementing VIRBAK ABIO, Chonbuk National University greatly improved the availability and recoverability of their mission critical data and databases. VIRBAK ABIO¡¯s disk to tape migration capabilities harmonized the use of both disk and tape systems to provide multi tier backup support. ABIO also provided automated tracking of media sent for offsite storage, reducing the workload on IT administrators. Ultimately, by using VIRBAK ABIO, Chonbuk National University was able to economize on both time and cost, without compromising their mission critical data.