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Dongbu Life



Client Description

Created in 1980, Dongbu Life has since grown into one of the leading players of Insurance industry, and is highly regarded as on the nation¡¯s most stable life insurance companies.  Dongbu Life specializes in a myriad of life insurance products, offering products that are qualitatively superior to their competitors.



Business Challenge:
Faced with the labor intensive challenge of managing a TSM server with a tape library in excess of 10 Terabytes, the IT team at Dongbu Life began pursuing cost effective alternatives to their existing backup solution. Prior to the introduction of ABIO, workers at Dongbu life wasted countless hours in manually gathering backup log information from TSM servers, in addition to having to log into each TSM server independently. As the size of the company grew, both the server(s) hardware and software faced increasing strain in handling daily backup operations, necessitating the introduction of a backup system. 



VIRBAK Solution:
ABIO SAN Library Sharing Option provides seamless data protection for LAN-free backups across numerous backup servers (located in a SAN network) without compromising backup and recovery performance. Unlike TSM, ABIO¡¯s parallel servers work just as a normal client while performing a backup operation. This ultimately makes it easier for the Master server to manage the backup servers, and identify all backup events in a central location.


Dongbu Life Insurance uses MS SQL databases for storing its business critical information, i.e customer profiles, member information, billing etc. Thus, protecting this mission critical data is of utmost importance, and a primary concern for Dongbu's IT team. ABIO provides seamless data protection for Dongbu's data using ABIO SQL agent. Using SQL agent, users are able to perform ¡°hot¡± backups, where in users are able to perform a variety of backup operations without having to take the system offline.


Using a combination of  ABIO's SQL Agent and SAN Library Sharing Option, all MS SQL databases are able to perform a direct backup to its tape storage through the SAN network, greatly enhancing backup and recovery performance. This enables IT staff to consistently meet their backup needs, in a timely and cost effective fashion.









Business Benefits:
Using ABIO's intuitive graphical interface and robust data management features, IT staff at Dongbu life have managed to save both time and resources when managing their daily backup operations. By choosing VIRBAK ABIO, users are able to ensure that their data is secure and readily accessible using the latest in backup and restore technology. Features such as ABIO SAN library, enable servers to dynamically share tape resources across an entire SAN network, resulting in unparalleled performance.