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Client Description

Since being founded in 1970, SHANY has provided the Korean public with nutritious and wholesome baked goods. Currently, SHANY is the number one bread manufacturer in the nation.



Business Challenge:
SHANY has managed to optimize its manufacturing process by using a SAP system to electronically manage its product line. Underlying SHANY's innovative system is an Oracle database server, a critical component to the SAP system. As a result, backups of the database server are required on a daily basis, often resulting in backups in excess of 1 terabyte. Protecting this mission critical data is of the utmost importance to SHANY's IT team, as they require a backup solution that is not only robust, but flexible and easy to use.



VIRBAK Solution:
VIRBAK ABIO provides users of SAP technology with the innovative SAP Agent tool, a feature of ABIO that is seamlessly integrated with BR tools to provide users with a myriad of backup and configuration options for Oracle databases.    SHANY utilized the aforementioned SAP agent to increase backup performance, and meet the target hour of their backup window.


Due to the high performance requirements of backup and recovery, SHANY implemented a SAN (Storage Area Network) solution, configuring all Oracle database servers to write directly to a high speed tape unit. As a result, many servers in a SAN environment must share the same tape storage unit. Using ABIO's SAN Library sharing option, users are able to dynamically share tape drive resources across multiple Oracle database high volume servers.


ABIO's intuitive graphical interface enabled SHANY to configure backup settings to meet their needs, and perform efficient and effective backup operations.








Business Benefits:
By choosing VIRBAK ABIO, SHANY was able to successfully meet the backup requirements of their high volume Oracle database servers. All backup procedures were carried out over the high speed SAN Fiber network, using ABIO's SAN Library Sharing Option. Due to ABIO's seamless integration with the SAP backup utility, SHANY's IT team were able to greatly improve their backup capabilities without experiencing a prohibitive learning curve. By sharing tape resources across the SAN network , TCP/IP network congestion was avoided, resulting in unparalleled backup performance.