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abio00.jpgABIO DB2 Agent
ABIO DB2 Agent is designed to help IT administrators prepare for complete, non-disruptive protection of IBM DB2 databases (which are used for business intelligence, transaction processing, data wareho.........
abio00.jpgABIO Informix Agent
ABIO Informix Agent provides complete data protection for IBM Informix Dynamic Server(s) and IBM Informix Extended Parallel Server(s) running on multiple operating. ABIO provides seamless integration.........
abio00.jpgABIO Lotus Domino Agent
These days, many organizations are facing the challenge of facilitating an environment that enables workers to communicate and collaborate efficiently. IBM¡¯s Lotus Domino applications capture, han.........
abio00.jpgABIO MS Exchange Agent
ABIO MS Exchange Agent provides online data protection for MS Exchange working in conjunction with a centralized, network connected to the ABIO Master server. ABIO fully supports backup and recovery f.........
abio00.jpgABIO MS SQL Agent
ABIO integrates with vendor-specific APIs to extend MS SQL backup and recovery services without any unnecessary configuration. MS SQL Server is an essential component in business intelligence and onl.........
abio00.jpgABIO Oracle Agent
VIRBAK ABIO Oracle Agent is designed to help IT administrators prepare for a complete , non-disruptive protection of Oracle databases (which is the core of key business operations and activities). Man.........
abio00.jpgABIO SAP R/3 Agent
ABIO SAP Agents help IT administrators perform a backup and recovery of SAP Oracle databases and SAP related configuration files through its seamless integration with BR tools. SAP administrators sim.........
abio00.jpgABIO SYBASE Agent
ABIO Sybase Agent is designed to help you apply the automated storage management functions of the ABIO Master server, to a Sybase database. This is achieved by providing an interface between ABIO Syba.........