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ABIO Business Edition


VIRBAK ABIO was designed to deliver unparalleled backup and restore performance in a multitude of system environments.  Using ABIO, we enable users to reduce the complexity of managing data, while providing the unlimited reliability, flexibility and scalability that they  demand.


Given the dynamic nature of change in IT infrastructure and hardware, VIRBAK ABIO has been designed to be both flexible and scalable, readily equipped to handle any changes in user configurations.


VIRBAK ABIO Business Edition is best suited for small and medium sized businesses, offering backup solutions ranging from a few, to hundreds of Gigabytes of data. By providing a cost effective solution, we enable organizations to efficiently protect their mission-critical information, with minimal resource overhead.


Using an intuitive graphical user interface,  VIRBAK ABIO provides users with quick and convenient tools in articulating, maintaining and managing all aspects of the backup and recovery process.



ABIO Enterprise Edition


In today's dynamic and ever evolving world of technology, the burgeoning demands of data storage pose a daunting challenge for many organizations. With Virbak ABIO Enterprise edition, we address these challenges, providing a reliable, robust and effective backup and recovery solution.


VIRBAK ABIO Enterprise Edition is an enterprise class solution for data protection, providing data storage for enterprises who require daily multi-Terabyte backups. Using ABIO, you can be assured that your mission critical data will be protected, without compromising backup or recovery performance. The ABIO product also ensures compatibility with a multitude of operating system platforms, meeting the needs of today's complex IT environment.