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Tape Storage 

The installation and integration of a tape library device is one of the tasks associated with almost any data backup, restore and disaster recovery solution. A common misconception amongst users is the simplicity of installation of a new tape library. As simple as the installation may appear, there are many factors to be considered that can lead to the entire task becoming quite complex.


With many years of experience working with tape library products and a full complement of vendor-certified engineers and consultants, our VIRBAK Professional Services (VPS) experts have the skills and knowledge necessary to implement any tape library into any environment, including SAN and iSCSI environments.


The Tape Library Finder (TLF) has intelligent search capabilities across 8 major tape library manufacturers. When it comes to purchasing a tape library, unlike the TLF, many companies simply support word searching. The TLF tool takes into consideration several key factors and selects the library that is best suited, based on your requirements, for your environment. No need to visit multiple sites ¡¦ we are your one stop shop for all your storage requirements.


VIRBAK also provides the Tape Library Analyzer (TLA). The TLA searches our entire product line for the library that¡¯s right for you. Simply answer the questions provided, and the TLA accurately calculates and locates the libraries that are suitable for your current environment. In addition, the TLA also displays your projected storage requirements (up to 5 years). No more guessing! Empowering our clients to make educated decisions is paramount to our success.